Alluris - innovative Messinstrumente für phsyikalische Größen

Alles Messen ist ein Vergleichen

Founded in 2002 with the motto "Alles Messen ist ein Vergleichen" ("Measuring is to compare") as a new provider of innovative measuring instruments.



UniversalPruefMaschine FMT-314
UniversalPruefMaschine FMT-313
DrehmomentPruefgeraet TTT-300

Today this logo is still valid, as...

Our customers compare...

...the variables for mechanical characteristics they measure with our instruments and testing systems with the quality and legal requirements that the global market for industrial and consumer goods demands.

We compare...

...the dimensions measure with our instruments with national and international standards (PTD; DAP or ILAC). All data can be tracked back to these standards allowing you to make precise and dependable measurements.

You compare...

...our products and service with your expectations and a wide range of products. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products perfectly suited for your needed purpose. After your purchase or initial operation via our on-site service, we offer you a fast calibration and maintenance service that increases the uptime of your instrument or system.


Key industries

Electrical & Electronics

Mechanical Engineering


Medical & Pharma

Food & Drink

Plastic & Rubber

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