Colour Fastness to Domestic Washing & Dry Cleaning

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The term color fastness is used in the textile industry to describe the resistance that a dyed fabric has to its color running, fading or rubbing off onto other materials. Apparel and textile manufacturers need to ensure that when a customer washes their product in the recommended conditions, minimal color fading occurs and color does not run.

We are pleased to be joining forces with Verivide, experts in visual and digital color measurement and assessment, to bring you a webinar which looks at the full process of color fastness to domestic laundering testing. This includes testing in a rotating laundering tester which uses steel containers, through to the assessment and grading process in color assessment cabinets or by using a color imaging system.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is color fastness to laundering and why do we test for it?
  • What standards and equipment is used?
  • The test process, focusing on the standards ISO 105-C06 and AATCC TM 61
  • The visual assessment process, with a color assessment cabinet and spectrophotometer
  • What constitutes a pass?
  • Top tips and common mistakes

Our Fundamentals webinars provide a solid foundation of knowledge for the area of testing that they cover. They are ideal for anyone new to this area of testing, or who wants a refresher on why and how to complete the testing. If you work in a textile testing laboratory, this could be the webinar for you.

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