Essentials of Grip & Fixture Selection

On-demand (stream event when it suits you)
Moses Da Rocha

The accuracy of instrument itself- though important, is only one piece of the measurement accuracy puzzle. Grip and fixture selection plays a critical role in the applications in Force and Materials quality testing. The critical elements of repeatability and consistency are bolstered by grips and fixtures that ensure:

  •  That the sample does not slip
  •  The sample does not move, wiggle, shake or wobble during the test
  •  That all operators fixture the sample the exact same way

This 2-part Webinar will focus on the importance grip and fixture selection has on your test results, as well as some of the most commonly used grips and fixtures and applications they’re used in. Understanding what grip or fixture to use and why is critical to getting the most accurate measurements. We’ll also briefly touch on custom and 3D printed grips & fixtures.

Webinar 1 of 2 Agenda Items:

  •  Critical Elements of Repeatability and Consistency
  •  Importance of Grips & Fixtures in Testing
  •  What to Use & Why
  •  Compression Testing Grips, Plate and Probes
  •  Troubleshooting common issues

Webinar 2 of 2 Agenda Items:

  •  Part-One Recap
  •  Tensile Testing Grips and fixtures
  •  Troubleshooting common issues
  •  Custom and 3D printed Grips & Fixtures

Who Should Attend?

Force and Materials Testing Engineers & Managers

Quality Managers

Production Managers

R & D Engineers

Manufacturing Managers



Also available on demand

James Heal


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