Exploring What Makes A Good Wicking Fabric - AM

Webinar (online scheduled streaming event)
Thu, Apr 22 2021, 8 - 8:30am BST
Alex Mitchell

Wicking is the transportation of liquid moisture within a textile by capillary action, a necessary process in modern technical fabrics to keep the wearer feeling comfortable. For this webinar, we will use our advanced imaging technology to explore movement of the liquid, and examine direction, shape, speed and wet area to determine how effective a fabric is.

This will be held virtually via GoToWebinar and is free to attend. Simply register below to take part. Know someone who may be interested? Invite them!

It will cover:

  • What constitutes a good wicking fabric and what the wicking process looks like
  • What constitutes a poor wicking fabric and what the wicking process looks like
  • Using video to track and record the movement of moisture through a garment

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for those working in Quality Control and Research & Development who want to learn more about measuring wicking and wicking fabrics.