Jason Malloy, profile picture of PPT Group finance director

Jason Malloy
Group Financial Director

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Jason joined James Heal in 2015 as Finance Director and was later promoted to Financial Director of PPT Group.

Prior to joining James Heal, Jason has worked in a number of senior roles and across a number of ownership structures.

His experience has always been in manufacturing predominantly in metals as Divisional Financial Controller at Firth Rixson (PE), Group Finance Director at ABS Industrial Resources (Private) and most recently worked in the glass container industry as Finance Director at Stoelze Flaconnage (Private).

Continuous improvement and eliminating waste are his guiding principles.

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Jason Malloy

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Future events

Texture Test

Fundamentals of Texture Testing Analysis

Thu, Dec 9 2021
Webinar (online scheduled streaming event)

The primary goal for using instrumentation to measure texture is to capture an objective value to something that is typically evaluated very subjectively. Texture cannot be controlled unless it measured in a consistent and repeatable manner.